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Our Family

ROSALY_Organogram_lrBeyond the original family who started Rosaly Farms, we think of our management team, employees and our customers as family too. Here is where you meet them, and read their stories.

Our-Family_01Charles Matimba, FS&QA Supervisor
Our-Family_05Charles Matimba and Thebe Nkuagae, Dispatch Supervisor
Our-Family_06Martin Sewagodimo, Carrot Controller
Johannes Sebatha, Carrot Controller
Charles Mpongo, Carrot Controller
Our-Family_02Rebecca Ngake, Lettuce Controller
Ruth Mmope, Lettuce Controller
Our-Family_04Thebe Nkuagae, Despatch Supervisor
Moses Ndhlovu, Despatch Assistant
Charlotte Mashabela, Despatch Administrator
Prince Kokodo, Despatch Controller
Our-Family_03Stephen Maemetja, Cabbage Controller