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Our Fresh Farm Veggies



We’re not saying our carrots are sweeter than our competitors, but a lot of people have told us just that. We offer our best Class 1 Carrots of consistent quality and quantity.

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The daintiest of our large scale crops, we are continuously working to provide you with the very best heads of lettuce.

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The most versatile of our main crops is Cabbage. With all its dietary advantages, Rosaly cabbages remain a stalwart, adding to our diverse range of vegetables.

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Soup Vegetables

Go to any market agent at any of the Fresh Produce Markets and they’ll tell you – retailers and their customers are looking for big, fresh, substantial soup vegetable packs – which is exactly why ours stand out above the rest!

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Butternut & Pumpkin

Rosaly Farms grow Butternut & Pumpkin, mainly for the processing industry – the Butternut and Pumpkin varieties are chosen specifically to grow a big unit that delivers on quality and quantity.

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