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All About Us

Our History

Our family started Rosaly in 1994 and we have been growing from strength to strength for the last 20 years. Before Rosaly, we were known as Tevrede Boerdery, but as we progressed and changed, we felt the need for a change in our name too, and so we changed it to Rosaly Boerdery, and then to Rosaly Farms.

We moved to Tarlton in 1986 and started farming carrots, cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables on a modest 27ha. We have expanded steadily since, and currently the farms cover approximately 3200ha (1 hectare = 100m x 100m), which consists of +-1200ha vegetables per year, 100ha wheat, 400ha maize, and the remaining 1500ha are used for grazing pastures.

We even make compost from our own cattle manure. In fact, we always try to use most of our products in order to farm responsibly, and to be sustainable.

Who we are

At Rosaly Farms, we believe in doing things better today, than yesterday. We have strong traditional values and believe in communicating these to all of our valued staff members, daily. And we provide ongoing training, because we believe in the power of people, all focused on the same goals.

It is this culture and work ethic that has helped build our strong relationships with our valued customers and clients too.


Come visit our operation sometime soon and you’ll see our motto “Better today than yesterday” brought to life every day, in everything we do.

What we do

Aside from farming and supplying fresh, healthy carrots, cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables, Rosaly believes in measuring and managing everything we do, intelligently.

Rosaly also deploys intelligent logistics to make our customer’s lives even easier.

We have a fleet of 12 trucks, the benefit of which is that we are able to keep delivery costs as low as possible for our customers. We also have 39 tractors and forklifts, to get the work done as quickly and effectively as possible, which means quicker turnaround times from crop to shop.

All in all, we are a much bigger, more efficient operation today than ever before and we are growing still!

Our Vision

An organised, ethical, dynamic agri-business focussed on continuously delivering sustainable produce of prime, specified quality to our customers. To be an industry leader who is passionate, efficient and who harnesses technology to obtain a competitive advantage.

Better today than yesterday.